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What is Liker.Social

Liker.Social is a microblog based on LikeCoin & Mastodon open source facilities. Unlike other Mastodon blogs, LikerSocial supports the conversion of likes into rewards, and the conversion of likes into LikeCoin, which can be traded freely.

What is LikeCoin?

LikeCoin provide the infrastructure for decentralized publishing, decentralized registration, decentralized appreciation, decentralized curation and decentralized governance.

The core of LikeCoin's technology is LikeCoin chain Public blockchain, which supports the entire community:Liker.Land。‌

Media supporting LikeCoin include MattersStand Newsinmediahkhkcnews and more than 1,300 other sites WordPressMediumvocusBlogspot (Blogger.com)pixnet and other platforms。‌

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is an open source, decentralized social networking service that is standardized, open and interoperable using the ActivityPub protocol. It believes in "complete freedom for anyone to run, inspect, review, copy, modify, distribute, and reuse Mastodon It believes that "anyone has complete freedom to run, inspect, review, copy, modify, distribute and reuse Mastodon source code, as long as they guarantee the same freedom for any derivative work.

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How to donate

Liker.Social At this stage there is no revenue stream, we hate the closed and unequal attention trade on the World Wide Web today, so we would rather die than engage in any attention selling business, if you want to support us, you can subscribe to our patreon,help us keep running.