“explanations are packages of ideas that help people see what is already in front of them in a new way.”—Lee LeFever, The Art of Explanation

“And that is the goal of visuals in the context of explanation: they make ideas memorable and reproducible.”—Lee LeFever, The Art of Explanation

連續出第六條片時,終於有風扇聲。慶幸沒有等沒有風扇的 MacBook Air。

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同時 Compressor + Screenflow 輸出兩條片,還是沒熱量沒風扇。其他軟件繼續順暢運作。換著我的 i9 MBP,打開軟件未開始輸出便已經風扇全開。有單獨 Media Encoder processor 的威力,M1 和 M1 Pro/M2 的分別,就是沒有這個 processor.

這個 • 真 • 手滑


How to install Firefox in Mac. Following the installation path.

“I keep one of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies” on a big sign above my desk: WHEN IN DOUBT, TIDY UP.”—Austin Kleon, Keep Going

“自認為運氣差的人,因為聽話照著指示找照片,反而看不到那個答案。相反地,自認為運氣好的人,往往懂得從較宏觀的視野找到機會。也就是說,每個人遇到機會的機率都是一樣的,但些微的心態差異就能造成截然不同的結果”—藤野英人, 關於人生 我這樣投資



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