Using some pink make my depression gone in raining day

來點粉色清掃昨天下雨的鬱悶,讓心情好點 :ablobblewobble:

可惡啊~別再下雨了啦,雨天讓人鬱悶,臉上是雨心裡也是雨啊,讓我開心的過一天不好嗎 :ablobcatcry: :ablobcatcry: :ablobcatcry:甘菊喜歡晴天

This is the first GIF I made
Movement is not very smooth

這是我第一次做GIF,動作還很不流暢 :ablobflushed:
等上色後把他丟馬特上 :ablobblewobble:

Weather Series-Snow
The first one is fog
The second one is hail
I'm surprised someone appreciates me, thank you :ablobaww:

I try to use simple words to introduce the work, so that Google Translate English is more accurate :ablobblewobble:


平時我也會在中文平台發表我的作品,但很少得到讚賞,我很驚訝有人欣賞我的作品,謝謝你們 :ablobcatheart:

Hi everyone, because I don’t speak English, I only share pictures and photos.
Hope someone likes my painting.

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