:ablobbass: Hihihihi, .粉紅色的週二快樂!~... :ablobdj:

:ablobdancer: 今天來聽首歌詞很簡單,甜蜜蜜的情歌,
溫柔又洗腦~~ ~

「You're all that I need!
Me, me, me, together
Oh, I want you, you, you」 :ablobhearteyes:

🎧 今日為你們 點播🎧
🎙️ James TW 🎸 You & Me 🎶

You don't even realise what you mean
No one could fall for you quite like me
No one could get me so perfectly
You don't even realise (Oh-oh-oh)
You're all that I need

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